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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Earn money by referring people to join SFI

PTC and blogging is really tiresome. It needs a lot of time, you might wonder if there is an easier way to earn money? Is there a way where I can earn money fast just by referring? Yes, just by referring people you can earn money. What site is that? its SFI.

This one is a complicated site but offers a lot. SFI affiliate is a website that focus on internet business. What is really great about this is that there are many ways to earn money. The easiest is by referring people.

How can you earn by referring people to these website? First, join SFI and search for the sfippa section to know the rules.

Basically, you need to get your link which looks like this Make sure that it is in this pattern. 
You can earn here in two ways:
a. SFI affiliate signups and
b. TC Signups.

Before I explain there differences, there are things that you have to know first:
1. The recruited must always confirm the confirmation letter or else you will not be credited. 
2. Those who register here will not be your downline.
3. The amount will be processed and credited to your account after one month. So, it is best to gather as much referrals as you can each month.

There, so you must remember those things. Now, for Affiliate sign ups, the referred members must earn atleast 1500 versa points for you to be credited. I referred someone who earned only 1000 VP but I was still credited with $1.5, the thing is it is best to advice your referral to earn atleast 1500 VP. Let them know that earning that 1500 VP is totally free and easy.

The second method is the TC credits, you can earn atleast $.2 by making people sign up in there TC website. 

That is all you have to do if you do not have much money to invest. Ask your relatives and friends to join and explain to them how they can earn too. I advice that you read the important articles in SFI to learn more about how to expand the business. Take note that this method is only one of the features of SFI where you can earn money for free. Check out there website and read some of their expert articles.
Read more about Sfippa here :

Tell your friends and family to sign up as SFI affiliates at:


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